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Materials Accepted

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Nonferrous Metals We Purchase

 Any unclean, unsorted, or unprepared materials will be graded and classified appropriately. Prepared materials should be approximately three feet long.


Aluminum Cans: Used beverage cans must be kept free of all contaminants. Cans with any garbage, water, ice, tin, glass, plastic, rocks or cigarette butts are unacceptable. Cans will be re-graded or rejected if contaminated.

Clean Aluminum: Most aluminum grades that are free of staples, nails, rivets, weather stripping, plastic or any other materials.

Cast Aluminum: Aluminum that has been formed in a mold or casting. Must be clean of any steel, plastic or any other contaminants.

Aluminum Siding: Clean siding, soffit, fascia, and gutters. No staples, nails, tar or shingles. Should be prepared under four feet long.

Aluminum Extrusions: Machine pressed aluminum. Window and door frames clean of any screws, nails, or any weather stripping.

Unclean Extrusions: Aluminum extrusions containing weather stripping, screws, nails, screens, glass or any other contaminants. Ex. Old screen doors and window frames.

Aluminum Rims: Clean aluminum rims. No lead wheel weights or valve stems.

Aluminum Solids: Industrial solids over 1/4'” thickness.

Aluminum Radiators: Clean radiators. Plastic or steel sides must be removed and all coolant drained.

Aluminum/Copper Radiators: Aluminum radiator with copper tubing. Must be free of any steel of any other contaminants.

Aluminum Breakage: Aluminums with steel or any other foreign materials causing low aluminum recovery.


Bare Bright: Stripped copper wire, bright and shiny. No discoloration, solder, plastic, rubber or steel.

#1 Copper: Clean copper tubing. No paint, solder joints, plastic, rubber or steel.

#2 Copper: Copper tubing containing any solder joints or paint. Small diameter wire or any burnt copper materials. No plastic, rubber or steel. No brass valves or other metals attached.

#1 Insulated Copper Wires: Insulated copper wire with a copper recovery greater than 70%. Romex, 12AWG and larger etc…

#2 Insulated Copper Wires: Insulated copper wire with a copper recovery greater than 50%. Old extension cords, appliance cords, 14 AWG wire and smaller etc…

#3 Insulated Computer Wires: Communication wire with a copper recovery greater than 30%.

#4 Insulated Wires: Low recovery copper wire consists of Christmas lights, telephone wire, and computer ribbon wires.


Yellow Brass: Most brass grades, yellow, chrome, or painted, excluding ammunition shells. No plastic, rubber, steel, or other contaminants.

Red Brass: Brass typically from plumbing fixtures that is darker, red in color, and rough in texture. No plastic, rubber, steel, or other contaminants.

Brass Shells: For safety purposes ammunition shells must be kept separate from other brass grades. No steel or any live ammunition will be accepted.

Brass Auto Radiators: Old brass auto radiators must be clean of any steel attachments and drained of all fluids prior to purchase.

Miscellaneous Items

Stainless Steel: Stainless steel that is non-magnetic and clean of steel, plastic, rubber, or any other contaminants.

316 Stainless Steel: Stainless steel that is marked or stamped as 316 stainless and is free of contaminants.

Electric Motors: Electric motors, transformers, starters and alternators without any large attachments.

Batteries: Lead core batteries. Auto, semi, tractor, motorcycle etc. Cracked or broken cases must be drained of fluids.

Catalytic Converters: Converters vary and are graded by make/model. Converter conditions will be thoroughly inspected; damaged converters will be graded accordingly. Exhaust pipes must be cut off converter.

High Grade Computer Boards: Motherboards and other qualifying circuit boards. Must be clean of any large attachments.

Other E-Scrap: Hard drives, power supplies, disk drives and copper wires.

Items accepted for a fee

Freon Units: Refrigerators, freezers, dehumidifiers, and air conditioners. $20

Microwaves: $20 

Computer Monitors: $20

TV's: Under 27” and smaller: $25, anything larger than 30”: $40, or large consoles: $55 

Electronics: Computer towers, laptops, VCRs, DVD players, stereos, old phones/cell phones, printers, keyboards etc… $5

Propane, CO2, or any other pressurized tanks: Pressurized tanks are unacceptable unless cut in half.
$10 per tank for any whole tanks

Fluorescent light bulbs: Under 4’ - .50 per bulb, over 4’ -  $1.00 per bulb

Shredding, Plastics, and Garbage: Confidential shredding: .15 per pound. Plastics and garbage - per pound.

Items accepted at no charge

Steel/Iron: Since we are conveniently located in town, we have free steel drop offs but, do not purchase steel items

Appliances: Washers, dryers, dishwashers, water heaters etc…

Paper and cardboard: Free drop off at any of our locations for paper and cardboard.